Leipzig  /  14. Oktober 2015  -  17. Oktober 2015

DGKL 2015

In clinical chemistry the analytical detection of biomarkers in complex samples such as whole blood or blood serum still presents an enormous challenge. This limitation needs to be overcome in order to provide fast and efficient diagnostic tools for the evaluation of diseases. Furthermore the analyte of interest needs to be quantified in clinically relevant concentration to generate a valuable diagnostic output to provide optimal patient treatment. Since new findings set the references values for many biomarkers on the detection limit of currently used diagnostic devices, it is indispensable to put effort into the development of innovative diagnostic technologies.

During DGKL 2015 in Leipzig we are presenting a novel detection technology addressing the above mentioned criteria for an innovative diagnostic tool. The technology is called BeadTRAP, presenting a highly efficient detection technology based on functionalized oscillating magnetic beads, developed by Fraunhofer IPA. The idea behind the system developed by us is to open up ways to utilize magnetic beads not only for purifying biomolecules but also for simultaneous analysis with improved signal-to-background ratio. BeadTRAP is based on an oscillating magnetic field, forcing magnetic particles to oscillate within a sample container. Consequently, a periodically occurring fluorescence signal is created which is specific for the analyte of interest in the sample. This specific fluorescence signal can be distinguished from any background noise caused by the sample matrix such as whole blood or blood serum.  These improved signal characteristics are of particular advantage for fast, efficient and highly sensitive diagnostic of biomarkers in clinical environments.