San Diego  /  23. Juni 2014  -  26. Juni 2014

BIO International Convention 2014

In recent years, the use of magnetic beads for purifying biomolecules or cells has become much more common. Even in medical technology, magnetic beads are now increasingly used. They are easy to handle and can efficiently be applied, especially in conjunction with laboratory automation platforms. Functionalized magnetic beads make it possible to bind and separate almost any analyte that is known. The idea behind the systems developed by us is to open up ways to utilize magnetic beads not only for purifying biomolecules but also for simultaneous analysis with improved signal-to-background ratio. These improved signal characteristics are of particular advantage for multiplexing, enabling the detection of multiple analytes in very low concentrations. BeadTRAP uses two geometrically optimized permanent magnets to create an oscillating magnetic field. Magnetic particles start to follow this oscillation and a dynamic signal can be realized. The signal alters in case of binding events to the magnetic beads allowing quantitative insights to the biomolecules of interest.