Technology transfer and networks

With our location in the heart of the university hospital, we are as close to the action as possible. A constant exchange between our researchers and the clinic is an essential part of our work.
In addition to our offices in the Competence Center for Medical Technology "Cubex41", we also have a fully equipped hybrid operating room in which medical technology developments and processes can be tested in realistic scenarios at an early stage.
This hybrid operating room is mirrored once again in the real application at the University Medical Center Mannheim and thus allows a direct transfer of research and development into practice. We also offer this infrastructure for use by industry and research partners within the framework of our Mannheim Medical Transfer Center (M²TC).


In addition, we form resilient networks and are an essential part of the Mannheim Molecular Intervention Environment (M²OLIE) and a European Digital Innovation Hub for Healthcare Robotics (DIH-HERO). As a partner in these networks, we have our finger on the pulse of medical technology research and development and are also ideally positioned internationally.

Project examples


OUR PROJECTS / 11.10.2021


The ANIMMED - Application Center for Intelligent Machines in Medical Technology is launched. Small and medium-sized companies can get personal advice from our AI experts here.


M²TC - Mannheim Medical Transfer Center

The Mannheim Medical Transfer Center provides industry and research partners with an infrastructure in which novel products can be trained in realistic scenarios. 


Transfer center 5G4KMU

The transfer center 5G4KMU enables small and medium-sized companies an easy entry into 5G.



The goal of M²OLIE (Mannheim Molecular Intervention Environment) is to establish a patient-centered and time-optimized infrastructure for innovative tumor therapies using molecular intervention within the framework of a one-stop store.




DIH-HERO is an independent platform which connects Digital Innovation Hubs across Europe to create a sustaining network for all those who are active in the healthcare robotics sector.