Process Intelligence and Machine Intelligence

One of our central research areas is the digitalization and automation of processes in medicine and biotechnology and their optimization by means of analytical methods and machine intelligence.

Our focus is on the topic of "process intelligence", a term we use to summarize all aspects of smart digitization and automation of discrete processes in medicine and biotechnology. This includes administrative, technical and scientific processes that consist of individual steps and are usually described in the form of flowcharts, source code, protocols, standard operating procedures or clinical guidelines. The project "Merlin Process Designer" addresses the topic in the field of biotechnology, whereas the project "ProM²etheus" focuses on clinical processes in the operating room.

With our lighthouse project ALICE, we are also conducting research in the field of autonomous catheters for the medicine of the future. By means of machine intelligence, so-called reinforcement learning, the catheter automatically finds its way to its target within a vascular tree. In this way, doctors will be able to carry out their interventions even faster and more gently by providing maximum support. This procedure can also be applied to a wide range of interventions and is therefore one of our central topics.

Project examples


ALICE - Autonomous endovascular catheters through artificial intelligence



The Fraunhofer IPA develops pragmatic IoT applications for the laboratory with the aim of advancing the digitalization of laboratory work and coming closer to the dream of "Laboratory 4.0".


Process Intelligence Blog

Here you will find posts and articles from current and past projects of the Fraunhofer IPA project group, which deals with the digitalization and automation of processes in medicine and biotechnology